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  Bullmastiff puppies  available NOW!!!!






 We have Bullmastiff puppies

A Litter of 8 Bullmastiff puppies were born on February 2, 2018  1 Girl available now!





We all know how precious dogs are in our lives. We thrive in making them part of our family and they really are “man’s best friend”. Here at CCs Bullies we breed, raise, and show bullmastiffs, bulldogs and Dogue de Bordeaux. We have been raising and showing bullies for over 27 years. After adopting our own bullmastiff and bulldog, we fell in love and wanted to share our passion with others. We are the home of excellant quality bullmastiffs, bulldogs and Dogue de Bordeaux.

Even though their size is incredibly large, bullmastiffs are one of the sweetest dogs you will ever find. Bullmastiff's love children as well as adults. Their personalities are so loveable and they make amazing pets as well as show dogs. Rick has shown many bullmastiffs to their championship and takes pride in their success. They are truly a versatile dog breed.

Bulldogs are the type of dog breed to keep you smiling and laughing all day long. They too, just like bullmastiffs, are wonderful family dogs. Our bloodline comes from some of the best bulldogs from England and America. You can tell by looking at them that our Bulldogs are strong, confident dogs. We breed and usually have English bulldogs available for adoption a couple of times per year.
Both breeds, bulldogs and bullmastiffs, make excellent house pets and are great for children. They love being in the company of their family. No matter what your purpose, whether to show for competition or just to love as a family member, we have just what you are looking for.

Occasionally bulldog and bullmastiff puppies are available for loving wonderful homes. We try to have at least two litters a year of each breed. We do not make a living selling puppies, it is a passion to try and better the breed. One look at our precious babies you won’t be able to look back. We have pictures on our website of the puppies who are ready for a good home. We love our babies and work hard to look for good homes to adopt them. Feel free to email us to inquire about one of our available puppies. One of these days we want to have a litter of Bordeaux puppies also. We have displayed many of the dog parents of the puppies we have. This way you can see what your beautiful baby should grow up to look like.  We take extreme pride and care in raising your puppy until they are ready to leave us and join their new family. Thanx for visiting our website and we look forward to hearing from you.


This is Tank taken at Nationals in Denver a couple of  years ago. He is the father or grandfather of litters that we have had. He belongs to Tom & Carol Ruesch whom I show for and we use him for breeding sometimes..