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  1. We have been lucky enough to have had 4 English Bulldogs from Linda and Rick . 1 Male lived to be 14 1/2 years a Female that lived 12 1/2 years . Now we currently have 2 younger puppys 1 is coming up on 1 year and the other just celebrated her second birthday. All dogs have had extremely healthy lives . These are strong and beautiful dogs .

  2. Thanks for your wonderful comments. You have been an excellent family for four of our puppies over the years. We love getting pictures of them as they are growing. We couldn’t have found a more wonderful loving forever home for our grandpuppies.

  3. We have 2 bulldogs from Rick & Linda and which are our third bulldog from them. Our 1st was Abby she was 11 1/2 when we lost her. My Bella is 3 1/2 & Libby is 2 yrs 2 months. They both are in agility. And Bella is training for nose work and doing very well at it. Bella is the best looking female bulldog perfectly size and build. She should be in the shows but they are none around here. Wish we could post a picture of them.

  4. Our Duchess will be 5 years old this December. After her recent check up, the vet commented that Duchess was the healthiest bulldog she’d ever seen. She is active and lively and, fortunately, we haven’t had any issues. Thank you Linda.

  5. That’s always great to hear! We love it when our puppy parents get back with us on how their babies are doing.

  6. We absolutely love our puppy! Little Atlas Jr is such a good puppy! I would recommend purchasing a puppy from CC’s Bullies!

  7. Thank you! The papers came in and I will be mailing them to you this week. I know Atlas Jr will have a wonderful loving family.

  8. Thank you for sending pictures to us and keeping us up to date on our Grandpups. We love it.
    You have been one of our best puppy parents

  9. I hope this finds you great after having a birthday. I hope it was great! We would like to see pictures now and then.

  10. Linda was amazing to work with!

    The puppy we received was and is incredible- could not be happier with the experience.

    Highly recommend!

  11. Just wanted to et you know we have bred Dorothy our bulldog. We bred her with a Champion male from a great bloodline. Let us know if you are interested in another puppy.
    Thanks for your comments on our webpage.
    Linda Crabb

  12. I am so excited to meet my new sweetie. Thank you for the updated pictures. I’m in love!

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